On October 27, 2017, we launched the first ever Aurora Summit! With the insight of a conference and the excitement of a festival, the event brings admirers of the Aurora Borealis together each year for a weekend-long workshop in the U.S.

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Conference activities include educational sessions, a panel discussion, a keynote speaker, a travelogue, photo sharing and raffle prizes. The conference draws Aurora enthusiasts of all experience levels, whether they are beginning sky watchers, amateur photographers or working scientists.

During the peak season for Northern Lights, the Aurora Summit takes place in Two Harbors, Minnesota, which is positioned directly south of the Aurora Oval. One of the most exciting features of the conference is the opportunity to take night sky photography right at the host hotel, where a north-facing pebble beach overlooks Lake Superior.

All are welcome, even international guests!

Photo by Mike Shaw Photography.

Featured Presenters

The Aurora Summit brings talented creative and scientific minds together, offering insight on a variety of topics related to Aurora Borealis, photography and the night sky. We welcome keynote speakers, presenters and panelists with a wide range of interests and experiences, and presentations range from beginner to advanced topics.

Find out who is presenting at our next conference, through the details on the Events page. We’ll also share their talents on our social media channels.

For a look at past presenters, visit the Resources page. Find out how you can Get Involved.

About the Organizers

Melissa F. Kaelin and Dixie J. Burbank have teamed up with Dr. Mike Shaw, of Mike Shaw Photography, LLC, to host an annual summit on the Aurora Borealis, offering an event where all are welcome to explore the art, folklore, science, and photography of this rare natural phenomenon. The Aurora Summit is not affiliated with any group, but members from any group are welcome to attend.


Hosted by Mike Shaw Photography
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